Product Parameters

Basic model includes features: Fingerprint, Key, Card, Code

Tuya App model includes features: tuya app. Fingerprint, Key, Card, Code

TT Lock App model includes features: TT LockApp. Fingerprint, Key. Card, Code

Fingerprint head : semiconductor

Material : Aluminum alloy

product name : vsl-o1-a

card capacity : 100 groups

color : black, bronzing

Fingerprint head : semiconductors bronzing

Standby time : Extra long standby

Working power supply : Four number five batteries

Password capacity : 100 groups

Error rate : <0.001%

Low volume alarm : <4.8 V

safety key : Class C lock core

Fingerprint capacity : 100 pieces

Working temperature : -10°C~70 C

Number of cards : 2

Number of keys : 2


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